Ellis Wilson

Ellis Wilson


Ellis’s mum Joan writes;

6 years ago our friend Nina introduced Ellis to CS.  Nina knew Ellis enjoyed music and singing and encouraged Ellis to join her in the Gospel and Soul Choir.  The whole experience was a ‘huge deal’ for Ellis but Fiona and the choir made no difference of Ellis (who has Dyspraxia and Glut-1 deficiency syndrome).  Ellis now joins in comfortably on her own and loves that element of independence. CS does stand and advocate for inclusivity.

Ellis still sings with Gospel regularly and has been encouraged and supported to take ‘centrestage’ herself on more than one occasion during concerts. Through her involvement with the choir, Ellis’s confidence and ability to engage with others has improved ten-fold.

Ellis has benefitted even more in recent years by volunteering weekly in Enterprise, helping with lots of jobs from badge making and packing mugs to paper shredding. Ellis also volunteers with ‘Gie it Laldy’ where she sings and blethers with the ‘Gie it Lalders’ and just enjoys the cross-generational company. Again, both environments promote positive experiences for Ellis where she feels like a valued member of the CS family and is genuinely grateful of the good times spent with CS.

I asked Ellis what she liked about Centrestage and why she liked it. Her answer ‘I like CS because everyone is like a good family in a nice home.  I like working with them and I’m excited about moving to Kilmarnock Academy and all the good things that can happen’.