Dance Fringe - 12 O'Clock Crew & Auggie

Dance Fringe - 12 O'Clock Crew & Auggie

Sun 2 Feb 2019

The 12 O’Clock Crew

Welcome to the 12 O’Clock Crew! Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except for the 12 O’Clock Crew! That is when their adventures are just beginning...The extraordinary story of five children in a hospital ward. It’s a story of friendship, magic and making dreams coming true. This production is performed by Bedlam Dance Theatre and Jinx Dance Theatre.


‘Choose Kind’.

The story of Auggie, a boy born with facial deformities which have stopped him from attending mainstream school until fifth grade. We join him on his first year in school as he learns about courage and kindness. This is a Pandemonium Dance Theatre production.

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