Mary's Back in Killie

Mary's Back in Killie

Fri 5 Apr 2019

There’s trouble brewing in Killie at the Banks house!

It’s been 25 years since Mary flew off on her brolly over the rolling hills of Ayrshire and now, Michael has fallen on hard times. He’s fallen behind on his payments to the bank and grieving after the loss of his wife and for John, Georgie and Anabelle, things are a little sad at home.

The family need a lifeline and that arrives in the form of Mary, Ayrshire’s favourite Granny!

Easter Camp

Wed 3rd April - Fri 5th April

£30 (4-7 yrs) 10am-1pm 
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Easter Camp Showcase

Fri 5th April 1pm-1.30pm | Tickets #payitforward